Fashion is only the attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse.”- Francis Bacon. Well yes it’s true trends and fashion is a central appeal to enjoy the art of living and our Celebrities are the ones who build these style statements. These stars are followed in a huge number by their fans and its often seen that their looks, hairstyles and even clothing is followed by everyone. Leather Jacket Master as trendsetter brings you close to your favorite celebrity attire by showcasing the Top 10  Celebrity Fashion Leather Jackets in the limelight.

1. Tom Cruise War Of The World Leather Jacket


LJM presents,The Tom Cruise special War of the world ( movie) leather jacket.

Tom Cruise a star of many blockbusters and an iconic celebrity in the whole world, has enjoyed a huge fan following with fame and success. Loved by his looks and his style has been keenly followed.


Super star’s super leather jacket is on the top charts, this comforting and easy wear has been rated as the best attire by our customers worldwide. Every movie leaves a mark on the viewers choice of creating a bond with it, so this exclusive leather jacket is a perfect match.


2. Michael Jackson MJ Thriller Leather Jacket

MJ the “ King of Pop” a legend who would always live in the hearts of music lovers. LJM gives you this fashion icon’s ever best and famous hit Thriller’s  Orange & Black Leather Jacket. You still do remember the beat the rhythm and not to forget the dance of this mega hit which heated the charts for a long time. Feel the fellowship of mastery! Michael Jackson master of music and Leather Jacket Master ! Master of all the best leather suiting. This leather jacket is worth a wear and makes MJ Fans love him even more by wearing his style and fashion.





3. Leonardo Dicaprio Inception Cobb Leather Jacket

A heartthrob for millions “Leonardo DiCaprio” , his looks, the eyes and his smile are known well to grab all the limelight. Here we have his very famous “Inception Cobb’s” Stylish Brown Leather Jacket . An A Grade Cowhide Leather jacket ,a smart fit for Leo fans. Leonardo DiCaprio disclosed that he is so much obsessed towards jackets that he can't stop buying them at all. So all the Leo fans ! It’s show time grab this one and enjoy the stardom.


4. Smallville Season 10 Superman Leather Jacket

Smallville Season 10 Superman Leather Jacket by LJM. Super Man! Yes that’s right a superhero inspired and followed by many. The genuine Nappa Leather jacket narrates the story of love, devotion, courage, strength and wisdom.  This jacket has been crafted exclusively with keeping all the smart fit factors in mind. Super man has been an icon for all and that is the reason this jacket has been rated in top most loved celebrity jackets worldwide.


5. Anne Hathaway Get Smart 99's Long Leather Jacket

Celebrity fashion is always the most in fashion around. Anne Hathaway a smart fashion centric actress wears and carries her stuff really well no matter it’s a movie, an award ceremony or a casual time out.  This Get Smart White Long Length Leather Jacket got a real hit as she was looking ravishing the time she wore it. Receiving bulks of orders for this one, Leather Jacket Master pins it in the list of most loved celebrity fashion jackets.


6.Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) Abduction Jacket

Presenting you the jacket worn by Taylor Lautner as Nathan Harper in the movie "Abduction", released in 2011. This young fellow has grasped a healthy audience in the very beginning of his career. Looks smart with his dashing personality.  This jacket with a perfect combo of blue jeans looks amazing and is adored by almost every customer at LJM. Best look for a hangout.    



7. Jennifer Lopez Black Button Leather Jacket

Jay Lo! A name praised by all music lovers ! A hot sensation of music and melody. She wore this jacket on the LOVE Album Launch at Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood. She looked absolutely stunning and the black color so related to her glowing personality.So if want to look like Jay Lo and spark the night out,  then try this one and you won’t miss a single beat of style. Jennifer Lopez has been a fashion oriented celebrity since the very start and her style has been followed always. A perfect Nappa leather jacket complementing a smart look. 


8. WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes Leather Vest

Cody Rhodes one of the brightest young stars at WWE not to forget mentioning his fame as the ” Dashing Cody Rhodes“ earned so much glory that his charisma deemed a great success. His very famous black and white leather Vest grabbed his fans’ attention the moment he wore it the first time and got really famous.

This special LJM jacket smacks the charts of celebrity fashion leather jackets loved by everyone. We present to you this epic piece of glory to wear and feel the smack down



9. Hilary Duff Stunning Black Bomber Leather Jacket

Hilary Erhard Duff an  American actress, producer ,singer/songwriter, model, author and entrepreneur. The fresh talent received an overwhelming response from its very first step and then it went on and on and on !What she wore people wore it too, where she went people followed her, what she liked people started loving it and this ongoing fame made her a star celeb.


Her Black Bomber Leather Jacket received a huge set of appraisal by her fans, you would for sure wonder to have this one on! This fashion statement had major hits so here LJM  places it in the very loved celebrity leather jackets. Girls love wearing it all the time.


10.Ben 10 Green & White Leather Jacket

And yes! When there is a young action power pack hero on the go, who would not follow his steps and beat the evil. Guys! It’s Ben 10 show time. All the champs for sure admire the Ben 10 series, this is the very reason we saw a huge applause for the famous Ben 10 Green & White Leather Jacket.

Kids and the fresh bloods love wearing this smart jacket so that they can look like a hero and stand strong against the odds. This leather jacket with a number 10 on it gets lucky on the list as LJM ranks it in the 10 Celebrity Fashion Leather Jackets Loved by Everyone.