Today I have a brief guide on how you can style your leather jacket in summer. Jackets are meant to add more fashion to your outlook and they surely help in modifying the things you wear. So this summer you can style your leather jacket in some cool and happening designs. The best part I adore when it comes to a leather jacket is the way it suits what so ever you stick it up with. Now! lets get on the ride……

1- Look clean & clear

Styling does not mean that one should put an overdosed dress appeal with loads of makeup and heavy hairdo. In summers its better to be simple on this side. Some shaggy straight hair, with dandy earrings, a slim fit shirt and the topping of course the leather jacket.

2- Add some pink!

Style the leather jacket with some girly glitter. Pink is what you would love surely. Remember colours should balance the jacket you wear with it, doing it too much would result in a disaster for sure. Keep your hair as simple as you can with this style as more of the highlight is to be the dress you wear.

3- Party Time

Stepping out for a Party? Now this is different. This is a head to toe accessorizing time, wear a pair of biker boots, a leather tote, tights, a skirt and the most wanted Leather top. Earrings and hot shades would add the spark, the hair should be done well. Follow it and you would surely be in the limelight.

I would be putting up a lot more like these, as trendy fashion looks are what we love to read about. For now! look cool this summer and beat up the heat with your stylish looks in leather jackets. For details of our exclusive collection hop into our Online Store Now!