7 Must-have Summer Leather Jackets

Alright, so summer is in full swing and we’re ready to welcome it with open arms. Ice-lollies, the beach, and sunshine. We HAVE to look cool on every hot summer’s day this season! Let’s take a look at what’s in store this summer!

BY THE WAY - You will not be saying bye to your jackets for now. Yesss! You heard that right. Some of us just LOVE leather jackets and we can’t ever give them up. Why should we? They’re our staple clothing!!!! Leather jackets, summer or not, will ALWAYS make you look cool. Keeping that in mind, leather jacket master has released its new summer jacket collection; it’s airy, it’s breezy and it’s beautiful!

FIRST THINGS FIRST: What is Perforated leather & Mesh Lining?

Perforated leather has tiny pores. It is a special summer material designed to let your skin breathe and not feel extremely hot. Mesh lining is also perfect for the summer. It looks like a web or net on the inside of the leather. Mesh lining extracts the moisture from the skin and helps in increasing the airflow. It is perfect to let you casually flaunt your leather jacket during the summer without making you feel the heat.

Okay, back to the summer jacket collection. Here are the 7 jackets you can flaunt this summer without giving up your love for leather jackets:

Black Cafe Racer Jacket

Black Cafe Racer Summer Jacket

This racing jacket is extra special. It is made from perforated sheep leather and mesh lining. Remember mesh lining? Yup! Breathable lining. Sheep leather on the other hand is an extra soft leather to make you feel super cool even on the hottest summer day!

Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Brown leather motorcycle summer jacket

This leather beauty is designed for anyone who likes to take their bike for a spin. It is designed from real cowhide leather and has an extra chic pointed collar with an ultra-modern flap pocket at the bottom. It is a lightweight jacket and is fully perforated, meaning it has small pores for air to pass through. It’s the best leather jacket for all bike enthusiasts!

Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Collar

Black summer leather shirt

The Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Collar is ideal for the summer. It has no lining, which means you will feel extra cool; quite literally! The chest flap on the pockets and the front button closure make this leather jacket stand out. A fully-perforated jacket that may well be considered a hybrid between a leather jacket and a leather shirt; perfect for a semi-formal evening!

Leather Shirt in Brown

Summer Leather shirt in brown

Leather shirts in general are very much in fashion. This specific brown leather shirt is a vintage beauty. It is inspired by “old is gold” because, it caters to everyone’s raw fashion taste. It has no lining, looks super classy and is ideal to wear during the summer!

Black Racing Jacket

Black racing summer jacket

There’s no limit to the amount of beauty that is encapsulated in these 7 summer jackets. The black racing jacket is made from cowhide leather and has a shirt style collar. It has a perforated shoulder and sleeves. This black racing jacket is a perfect-fit because of the extra zipper on the sleeves. It is extra cool and super classy; the perfect summer racing jacket.

Tan Vintage Leather Jacket

Tan vintage summer leather jacket

Tan is the perfect color to make you look different during the summer. It stands out with whatever you decide to pair it with. It is a lightweight summer jacket with perforated sleeves and a shoulders. The shirt-style collar makes it ideal for a semi-formal evening; out with your friends or coworkers.

Black Leather Shirt

Black leather summer shirt

Okay, we wanted to end this summer collection on a high note and how can we do that better than adding something that we know is already loved; shirts! This isn’t any ordinary shirt, it is a black leather shirt with no lining; keeping a hot summer’s day in mind. A fully ventilated jacket (or shirt?) made from real cowhide leather that will be an extra-chic addition to your shirt collection.

Don’t just love how innovative these summer jackets are? Don’t hold back and grab yourself one right away! It will be an investment you won’t regret!

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