It happened in Rome, Italy, Feb 6, 2014 that, Pope Francis’ autographed Harley Davidson motorcycle & leather jacket were auctioned in France, bringing in Rome more than $350,000 for a local charity . It was presented to Pope Francis when Rome hosted -110th anniversary celebration of iconic American motorcycle last June. the Harley Davidson autographed by the pontiff was auctioned off at 210,000 euros – $284,000 – plus fees, which is nearly 15 times its normal retail price, reported by the Wall Street Journal. As per the newspaper, the bike was bought by an anonymous person and he did the bidding over the phone and asked to remain unknown. But the auction house- Bonhams, revealed that the chance of the bike to stay in Europe was there. With the sale of the motorcycle, a leather jacket signed by Pope Francis was sold for more than 50,000 euros – $70,000 ( est) .After the announcement by the Pope last fall that auctioning would be done, he also mentioned that all the collection would be funded for the renovation of Caritas’ Don Luigi di Liegro Hostel ,Soup Kitchen at Rome’s Termini train and metro station. Here now leather jackets are being seen as an important entity to be kept and sold for positive reasons. For more news and happening stay tuned to our Blog.