Michael Wilkinson - costume designer based in Los Angeles having a degree in Design from the National Institute of the Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Sydney his home town. His costume design work comprises of the  costumes for AMERICAN HUSTLE, starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams and Christian Bale.He has been nominated for many  upcoming awards including an Oscar nomination.

This dress designer well crafted the American Hustle wardrobe skillfully. Leather was added being an essential style portrayal in the whole look. He dressed up Amy Adams in a halter dress pinned in leather. It looked fab.  


The Leather Fashion appeal amazed the stardom and carried away the highlights. The complete look was an extraordinary one. Leather fashion jacket in the halter dress was an excellent selection. Along with the accessories it was a mega hit. The soft, lathery and comfort finish of the outfit is the major attraction.


Reinventing the womens wardrobe was a smart move. Women adore it when they look stylish, in fashion, bold and beautiful. So if you want to amaze everyone this is an appealing wear for the season. With it’s dandy oval earnings, hot shades and classy handbag this outfit is a must go.  

Leather fashion at LJM has always been discussed with latest happenings and trends as we say that Leather Fashion is the one to last long, this smart clothing is a perfect example to tell you that how trendy and amazing you can look wearing leather jackets and making leather a part of your wardrobe.