The fourth tannery of the year programme insights the awards to a next level for 2014. The shortlisted candidates for America were as follows (in alphabetical order) and from these further two finalists were revealed.

- ARTANCO, San Luis, Argentina

- Bojos Tanning, Santiago, Dominican Republic

- Curtidos Treviño, El Carmen, Nuevo León, Mexico

- Curtiembre Arlei, Lanús Este, Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Curtume Della Torre, Franca, Sao Paulo, Brazil

- JBS Couros, Itumbiara, Brazil

- Midori Atlântica, Penapolis, São Paulo, Brazil

- Vanzella-Vancouros, Rolandia, Paraná, Brazil

So moving further, the finalists for the Americas in the fourth Tannery of the Year programme announced by World leather magazine. Talking in Alphabetical order the two finalists are as follows :

- Bojos Tanning, Santiago, the Dominican Republic, and

- JBS Couros, Itumbiara, Goiás, Brazil.

The main purpose of such competitions is to enhance standards and quality. Also to highlight and tell the public that who is working good enough in the leather industry. The detailed and in depth reports of the two finalists would be moved further for the final and then the winner would be announced. So all the best to the two finalists.