Halloween is getting closer and closer everyday and it’s a perfect excuse to wear a wild, wicked and weird costume. It’s a day when you can pretend to be someone else or maybe ‘something’ else, without raising all those eyebrows. So let’s get down to business straight up, having said that, what are you wearing this halloween? Your costume definitely depends upon your gender. Men, generally tend to put on cosplay costumes that scream strength and authority. For instance, you would find men wearing a cop uniform, a pilot or a superman costume. Whereas, women tend to choose from clothing that’s both skimpy and sexy.



For now we’re going to focus on leather attire, obviously. Doesn’t matter if you’re a woman, you can still wear a costume that speaks authority. Here’s a great bomber leather jacket for women, put it on along with khakis, flying goggles, headscarf and an aviator cap. There you go, you’re all set to emulate the pioneer female pilot “Amelia Earhart”. You can also get into the shoes of “Uma Thurman” with this edgy “Kill Bill” replica.



Leather Jacket Master has the best leather jackets for Halloween 2015. Let’s take a look at this Gothic Leather Trench Coat for Women, Carol. All you have to do is to put on some dark goth makeup, we know that you’d figure that out, and a pair of high heels. Girl, you’re definitely going to fit the bill with this intense piece of the finest leather. If you think you’ve had enough of the pressure to feel attractive all the time, it’s high-time that you break the rules. Go for a character that has a convincing story. Just like kill bill or better a real person like Amelia Earhart.



For the male species, we have some of the best leather jackets for Halloween, 2015. For instance, look at this “Captain America” The First Avenger leather jacket. For sure, it’ll be a unique bet to play the good cap this halloween and save the planet from all those evil forces. Moreover, there’s this spectacular Guardian of the Galaxy Star-Lord leather coat that can instantly turn you into a hot Halloween character.



That’s not it, we have a wide collection of the best leather jackets for Halloween, 2015. Including cosplay costumes ranging from “The ArrowtoAssassin’s Creed”. Superhero costumes that include replicas of “Superman”, “X-Men Wolverine” and Many More. Visit our store to find your ideal Halloween costume, that’s made with the durable most yet the finest leather with sheer focus on edges and details.