You must have seen a number of combinations that people wear, leather jackets look good with everything depending on their shape, color  and type. But the most suiting combination when it comes to a Black leather Jackets is with Blue jeans.  

We would surely talk about how it looks, but first lets see what the Color Psychology has to say about the colors and their combination.


Starting with Black


The meaning: Black is the color termest as the darkest, color of ebony and coal. Also the color of outerspace.  Black color results in the absorption of light completely or the absence of light. It came as the color of royalty, judges and government officials wore it in the 14th century in europe.  In 20th century it became a color of high fashion. For Roman Empire, it was the color of mourning. Over the centuries, frequently it was linked to evil spirits, witches, death and magic.  and over the centuries it was frequently associated with death, evil, witches and magic. In west today it is associated with evil, magic, violence, power as well as grace and elegance. Now the Color Psychology: The Black color is to show hold and power, strength and grace when it comes to wearing it. It is termed as the end but the end is there to imply a new beginning black becomes white when there is light so a new beginning. Too much black causes depression, can be mood swings and a negative environment that is the reason black rooms are least advisable.


Talking about Blue


The meaning: Blue the color of sky, the color of deep sea. As per US and Europe survey, blue is associated with harmony, confidence, calmness and faithfulness. It is associated with ice a cool color and at times associated with sadness. If one says i am feeling blue means feeling sad or depressed. But overall its a fresh cold color.  Now the Color Psychology: A soothing color, giving clear thoughts. Signifies clear communication. A color of trust honesty and being loyal. It is a responsible and reliable color, making you control difficulty and harsh times.  Providing physical and mental relaxation by reducing stress. a color of freedom.



The Classic Combination

So, now we know about what the colors have to say, where  black signifies some evil spirits blue is there to bring in some calmness. Black is bold and blue is a symbol of harmony, so this combination creates a balance. Apart from the color psychology, it looks great. People love wearing it. Black Biker Leather Jackets, Or Black studded leather pieces look great over light blue or even dark blue jeans. So if you are into style which lasts forever, this one is the right one to pick as it is not getting old at all.  

Just don’t wear it , you should dare it! As it does not overdo your personality it makes you look even more classy. So folks thats all for the day! Keep reading for more exciting combinations and leather updates.