One of the most acclaimed superheroes of all times. Captain America is still much busy in saving the world, against the evil forces. But doing so, not only requires special training and good intentions. But also requires special costumes. The signature Captain America costume is unique in its own way. As it bears, stars & stripes of the American flag.

In the 2014 release of Captain America’s sequel “The Winter Soldier”. Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America, teams up with Fury, The Black Widow and The Falcon to save the world, yet again. And of course, it’s the famous costume and that invincible shield. Which turns Steve Rogers into Captain America.

The Leather Jacket Master is eager to help you transform into the ‘Good Cap’. By providing you with state-of-the-art Captain America Jackets. That’s right, an extensive collection of Captain America Jackets is on display and up for the grabs at our store. For instance, take a look at “The First Avenger Captain America Leather Jacket” And we bet that you wouldn’t be able to walk-past without appreciating its quality and vivid details. This classy Captain America Jacket is also available in Black color.

A complete >First Avenger Leather Costume is handy as well as Captain America Easy Rider Leather Costume.

Apart from a detailed “First Avenger’ outfit. LJM offers a unique Winter Soldier Captain America Jacket. Made with the finest quality top-grain Calfskin leather. While paying great attention to its details and using durable and quality threads and zippers. This Jacket for sure, know no bounds and offers extreme quality and immaculate style. Transform yourself into Captain America with this outclass Captain America Jacket.

Behold, as we present you the Hot Version of Captain America First Avenger Leather Jacket. This addition in our Captain America Jackets collection is not a replica of the original costume. Rather it's an epiphany of the team LJM. We love to go off-roading and do a bit of extra work to please our esteemed customers.

And if somehow, you have come out of the First Avenger Hot Version’s magic spell. We present you with yet another mesmerizing Captain America Winter Soldier BackLeather Jacket. It’s utterly distinctive design would certainly captivate you for years.

The comic character of Captain America runs deep in the American war history. As the comic was released in the crucial times of World War II. A patriotic superhero who is invincible, and fights off the Axis forces. While wearing a costume that bears an American Flag Motif. The Captain America fans or might we call them the ‘sentinels of liberty’. This fan club include people from all age groups. Who would definitely love to wear their favorite superhero’s costume. LJM, takes the spirit of Captain America to another dimension. By stitching costumes that are not only incredibly look-alike. But are equally durable, trendy and affordable.