There are a lot of times when some one's talking of a celebrity or a movie, and you JUST CAN’T remember that celebrity’s face or the movie or even the character. At times, you might not even have heard of the movie or celebrity to begin with.

We, at Leather Jacket master, have already thought out about this factor in our Celebrity Leather Jackets section. Hardly any of you would have checked out this feature on our website. When you go to our Celebrity Leather Jackets section, you’ll find that every product has a small icon that looks like an “Oscar Award” just next to the image of the jacket.

The Three images you see before you represent;

1.The Movie’s Poster.

2.The Celebrity wearing the Jacket.

3.And finally, the actual Replica Celebrity Jacket we’ve made.

Although, there’s hardly any room left to ask WHY we’ve done this, Yet, nonetheless, we are here to answer any and all of your queries even when you don't ask us.

The Movie Poster and the Celebrity images are there just so that you, our customers, can recall the specific movie or celebrity. Or, under certain circumstances, GET to know about the movie or the celebrity firsthand, if in case you’ve never heard about either of the two.

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