The word “Cosplay” is a blend of two - Costume and Play. Cosplay costumes took to the rise in early 90’s. Originated initially in Japan; the practice of portraying a fictional character - not only portraying but actually acting like it, soon became a popular culture globally.

When it comes to owning a leather jacket, many people wouldn’t think of Cosplay Leather Jackets Collection as a fodder for inspiration. Since, it wasn’t and probably isn’t considered as mainstream enough for fashion savvy individuals to emulate their wardrobes around. However, we’re in the fashion era where it’s pretty normal for men’s fashion to be bold, funky and coveted. Cosplay costumes made out of leather can instantly amp up your desire to stand-out-the-crowd, while keeping you warm and cozy.


Leather Jacket Master has in store a detailed Cosplay Leather Jackets . Let’s begin with this amazing Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord Leather Coat. If your style preference is a little more on the dandy side, investing in this timeless leather long coat will only support the cause and add class to your fashion fleet. It’s a precise replica of leather coat worn by “Peter Quill” as the Star Lord. Leaving no end in perfection, this coat is hand stitched to the minute most details.

Let’s stride ahead and take a look at X-Men Wolverine Leather Cosplay Collection. These iconic X-Men Wolverine leather jackets would certainly let you slip into the Hugh Jackman’s signature character. Moreover, they’re designed with precision and crafted with utmost attention to the details. Our seasoned artisans have crafted these beautiful babies with naturally tanned, top grain cowhide, which is famous for it’s butter-soft feel, durability, comfort and class.

Most of the times, when you think about a leather jacket, it comes up in BLACK color. Why? Because you think black is probably the best color in the leather jacket land. We think otherwise, if a leather jacket is being cut and stitched with precision, playing along with the colors would only prove to be a fun factor. For instance, Tyler Durden donned a RED leather jacket in Fight Club and he looked awesome. Which proves that any color can be a masculine hue if you’ve got enough guts to carry it off. Having said that; here is a Red & Black “Assassin’s Creed Leather Coat, which has all the potential to give you a rocking Cosplay experience.

There’s no way that a Cosplay affair can be a complete one without mentioning the likes of Superman, Batman and well… Captain America. So next on our list of Cosplay Leather Jackets Collection is definitely these three characters. Let’s kick off with Captain America Cosplay Leather Jackets Collection. A variety of the First Avenger leather jackets remains the source of pride for us. Leather Jacket Master is a huge fan of Captain America and thus it’s only coherent to have a dazzling collection of Captain America Jackets on display. A “Batman” leather jacket, which is a depiction of true workmanship is also up for grabs. Here’s a red “Superman” jacket that’ll grab all the attention and take your confidence to the skies, obviously.

All the Cosplay Leather Jackets Collection by Leather Jacket Master is handcrafted with naturally tanned, top grain calfskin. Moreover, if you want to have any sort of Cosplay Costume made in leather, we’d be glad to stitch it for you. It’s more like we hold the canvas, you hold the brush and together, we create!