Deadshot is the most fearless supervillain there is. He is the adversary of Batman; that’s saying something! Deadshot is an extremely important member of the Suicide squad. Suicide squad’s basic job is to carry out jobs given by the government in exchange for rewards. Alright, you’re already fans of deadshot so you probably knew all of this. Let’s get back to the real deal; the Will smith deadshot costume guide!

Rest, set, DIY!

1. Deadshot Mask

What’s a supervillain without a mask? To really look like Deadshot and fit in the right suicide squad costume, you’ll need to buy a mask that’s a replica of the real deadshot. Where can you find that? Don’t worry! Just scroll down and grab the first accessory to start looking like your favorite suicide squad member!

You can find the deadshot mask here:

Deadshot mask from Amazon worn by Will Smith

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2. Red and Black Deadshot Jacket

With or without the mask, the most important part of your outfit is the deadshot jacket. You need a red and black leather jacket that isn’t too in your face either. It needs to be the perfect wear for a cosplay event or a normal evening out with your friends. Keep it subtle! It needs to do the job of making you feel and look like a supervillain regardless of the occasion.

This deadshot jacket below is the perfect wear for both casual and cosplay supervillain days. It’s made from real cowhide leather and comes in the perfect red and black! You can get the jacket below:

Leather jacket master front image deadshot jacket

3. Deadshot Gear Gor Protection

The deadshot gear for protection is designed to keep deadshot safe during any kind of battle. It can range from gunshots to melee attacks. This product will be a perfect addition to your DIY deadshot costume. It will give you the real feel of being the supervillain you are destined to be.

You can buy your deadshot gear for protection here:

Deadshot protection gear

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4. Deadshot Rifle

A real supervillain needs the right kind of weapons to hit the target. What’s a suicide squad costume guide without the right rifle? You may not find the exact rifle that Will Smith uses as deadshot but the product below will suffice!

Grab your deadshot rifle below:

Deadshot rifle from Amazon

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5. Deadshot Pistol Belt

What will a supervillain do if he wants to punch his enemy but can’t because there’s no place to keep his pistol? This pistol belt is designed for that exact purpose. Your deadshot costume will be incomplete without a deadshot pistol belt to hold your pistols.

You can complete your deadshot costume by buying the deadshot pistol belt below:

Deadshot pistol belt from amazon

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6. Black Pants from the Deadshot Costume

Alright! So here’s the deal, you NEED to wear pants; supervillain or not. We don’t promote obscenity! But, jokes apart; you should feel comfortable in the suicide squad costume. You need pants that will be nice and easy to carry but will convey the right supervillain vibe.

The right pants can be found here:

Suicide squad pants from Amazon

7. Deadshot Leg Gun Holster

The leg gun holster from Deadshot is not deadshot specific. Any gun holster can serve the purpose of giving you the complete deadshot look. You can even use the leg gun holster for different halloween costumes. Almost every superhero and supervillain wears one. It could be your new halloween investment!

Buy the deadshot leg gun holster below:

Deadshot leg gun holster from Amazon

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8. Deadshot Leather Boots

Okay, so you’re almost a perfect looking deadshot right about now. The only thing missing are your shoes. You need the right kind of black leather boots to complete your suicide squad costume. To be more precise, you need combat boots to look like the perfect deadshot!

If you can find anything that you feel is lightweight and looks like leather combat boots then you should buy those!

If you need a lead as to where you can find right ones, take a look at these:

Combat shoes for deadshot costume from Amazon

9. Deadshot Costume for Sale

Voila! You now look exactly like deadshot if you followed this DIY Deadshot costume guide correctly. However, the best part of the deadshot costume for sale is hands down the leather jacket. If you want to wear something subtle, and look like deadshot, simply buy the deadshot jacket and you’re good to go regardless of what you pair it with!

Red and black deadshot jacket from leather jacket master

If deadshot isn’t your thing, you can follow the deadpool costume guide to dress up as deadpool for your next cosplay party!