As Halloween is fast approaching, there are a lot of folks wondering what to wear on this festive day. A costume to create an impact while trolling the neighbourhood for free candy, should be handy. Deciding the costume at 11th hour is a big no, as the costume not only plays an important role in portraying the unknown side of your personality, it also works as a magnet that attracts attention or in retrospect, it could drive people away from you.

So take a deep breath, close your eyes and think what you really want to wear this halloween. Try to come up with an idea that hasn’t been tried by thousands of people already. Well… How about you leather up this year? Wouldn’t it be cool to play hot? Leather certainly can get you all dressed up for the night and trust me not many people are thinking to slip into a leather hoodie or a motorcycle leather jacket for that matter.

If your candy days are over and you’re finding it hard to say goodbye to all those king-sized Milky Ways, don’t fret. Yes! Don’t fret as you’re still pretty much in for all the grown up fun and that’s partying!!! Leather Jacket Master, as always brings you a sizzling hot collection of cool leather jackets that will certainly make you look hot. On top of a wide range of cosplay jackets and celebrity leather jackets, LJM has something more to offer and that’s a straight 15% discount on all merchandise. This halloween discount is in effect now and will end on 31st october, 2015. To avail this discount punch in Discount Code: Halloween2015 while checking out after you have ordered the jacket of your choice.

Here are some pieces from LJM collection that will set you apart from the ordinary on a day when it matters the most.



We have something for the ladies as well. If you understand fashion and think that your dress tells your story in an exciting way, then LJM has exactly your kind of attire in store. Keeping in mind that it’s halloween we would suggest you wear something different and something that could become a part of you. Did you ever want to experiment with Goth makeup and clothes but were too shy to try? Well… This is the time you overcome your shyness and DO IT. Paint your nails black, put on some black eyeliner and of course black lipstick but hey more importantly you’d need a Gothic costume and here’s an amazing Gothic leather jacket for women - Carol that will certainly fix you up for the night.

Leather Jacket Master wishes you a very Happy Halloween, don’t forget to claim that discount!!!