Halloween is here ! And so is the party ! The main thing is the Leather Jacket appeal. Leather Jackets are very trendy and stylish, we all know that for sure. Having said that, you also know that LJM is always there to serve you better no matter what festivity it is. So for Halloween we have a great collection for you, wearing these jackets would steal the gaze around you for sure. The style statement counts when you are out with your friends or if it is a Halloween party even.
The Amazing Discount!

As LJM wants to make this Halloween a rocking one, there is a 15 % Discount offer followed by a coupon code i.e HALLOWEEN 2014. So you better not waste any time at all.

Moving to the recommended Jackets for Halloween this year:

Captain America - The First Avenger Leather Jacket Hot Version

This Biker Leather Jacket is another version of Captain America’s outfit by LJM and this is a perfect one to put on for Halloween. This comes in the vintage leather section making it a worthy wear. With the customization offer you can make it an ideal one ! This way you look more attractive in the halloween outfits.

Smallville Season 10 Superman Leather Jacket

Now i call this one My Favourite ! Why ? Well the color! It is so alluring. Wear it on Halloween and make the costume even better to look at. Plus with the internal lining this jacket becomes a very comfortable one. The leather jacket was worn by “Tom Welling” as Superman in Season 10 of “Smallville”. And with LJM’s amazing stitching and quality you would look like the star for sure.


Ben 10 Green & White Leather Jacket

The youth’s favourite ! A perfect one for the Halloween night party ! The color would make you glow itself. It is from the coolest animated series, “Ben 10” even teenagers love to watch it. So grab this one as it comes in 100% genuine quality which would make it stay not just for one but a lot more Halloween gatherings to come.


To add in ! The collection does not end here at all ! You can see more by visiting our Official website! Halloween ideas should be the best ones and specially innovative ones.