The greatest of all differences between a handcrafted and machine made product is that the handmade goods are made with love. Undoubtedly a handmade item is the one made with utmost care, attention to detail and creativity compared to goods that are bulk produced using machinery. Machines do not have feelings, and thus they simply cannot create anything with feelings like love, care or creativity. This is generally why people tend to go for the items that are made by individual artisans. Handmade products are unique in their own way and they tend to survive much longer than machine made items.

Let’s take a look at it from another angle, what if the human race stops appreciating craftsmanship and only give value to the efficiency – machine made efficiency. Would it not be equal to denying our own humanity that way? This is the philosophy that works as a driving force for team Leather Jacket Master, as we take pride in creating leather clothing items that are made with love, care, attention and creativity. Our artisans cut and stitch the leather, putting their experience and expertise into the leather items using their hands and giving each and every single commodity a personal touch.


Hand made leather jackets are not mere pieces of leather, rather they are stories – stories of journeys that our skilled artisans have undertaken in order to reach perfection. It’s a process of stitching their perfection into the leather jackets. It’s a process in which our artisans pour their experience and skills into objects, bringing them to life. It’s the idea of connecting the craftsman with buyers that value art and humanity.

When you buy a leather product from Leather Jacket Master, you don’t just buy a piece of leather. Rather, it’s an investment that you make into a timeless quality product. And it will definitely become a part of who you are and would live by your side through your journeys to tell your story.


“We love to have fun with leather, it’s like having a relation with the animal. Handmade has a touch of humanity, it’s more like putting your soul into an object. Our artisans think this way that they are not just creating a leather jacket rather they are breathing a new soul into animal’s skin – a soul that is nearly immortal and is ready to serve the humans yet again”

You will not come across two handmade products that are exactly the same. Small differences and signature techniques by an individual artisan while producing each product have a unique effect. When so much attention has been put into handmade products, and all the humane touch that they possess, they do not only tend to last much longer but also perform better with the passage of time. This is the real value and real beauty of handmade products.


The best feeling that a handmade item can give is the personal touch, as it’s a product from one person to another. When you buy handmade you actually buy more than just a product, you’re actually forming up a connection with the artist who has put care, love and creativity into the product. Moreover, you’re appreciating what they love doing and in consequence they will keep doing it and you will keep getting awesome handmade products.

At Leather Jacket Master all leather items are handmade from the very beginning till the very end and We love handmade for sure, do you?