The human race is either too intelligent or well.. believes in a rodent’s weather predictions. We don’t mean to be crude and we love the Groundhog Day spirit but we’re on team Punxsutawney Phil, hiding in his humble abode and letting us enjoy winters for another 6 weeks. You’d get to wear our beautiful leather jackets for a longer period and we will get to make new friends in the form of subscribers; it’s a win-win situation for everyone - you, us and our furry little rodent fam.  

Isn’t it funny how we’re in the 21st century, 2017 (Happy New Year by the way!) and we still need a poor little animal to be our weather fairy? Don’t get us wrong, we love the celebratory spirit and Punxsutawney Phil from the bottom of our hearts. Who doesn’t enjoy a reason to get together, stuff their bellies and let your feet lose on some beats? Go on, celebrate Groundhog Day. We would suggest you start getting into the Groundhog spirit a little earlier this year because, New Year, new you right?

But wait some of us might need basic Groundhog Day answers..

Groundhog Day

Who is Punxsutawney Phil? (Punxsahwhaaa?!)

Let’s call the little guy Phil. Phil can well be the most famous meteorologist in the whole world and we say that with no biases! He is our furry little groundhog and friend, who is from Punxsutawney.

Each year on 2nd Feb, the city of Punxsutawney celebrates Groundhog Day in Mr.Phil’s honor. Yeap, you read that right, he’s the real MVP in the weather industry! If Phil sees his shadow and stays home, winter will last for another 6 weeks and if he comes out of his house, you have to say your goodbyes to your winter attire. :(

P.s - The longer he stays in, the longer you’ll wear our jackets; so double prayer from all of us at Leather Jacket Master to keep him in his den this year!

FUN (super adorable) FACT - PHIL HAS A WIFE, PHYLLIS!

Told you he was the real MVP! ;) 

Groundhog Day

The Inner Circle

Okay, so this is suddenly becoming an investigative series of Phil against the world. What in the world is an Inner Circle? Well.. the inner circle is responsible for taking care of our furry little friend’s secret life all year-round. It’s time Sherlock starts investigating the secret life of Phil and Phyllis! 

To Winter or not to winter, THAT is the question!

It’s a definite winter from all of us at Leather Jacket Master because that's what we're here to serve you but let’s hope Punxsutawney Phil is on our side this year!

Groundhog Day

Happy feasting and a very HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY! 

P.s Sherlock is on his way and Phyllis sends her love! <3