Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is too mushy for some, and the center of their love lives for others. Not everyone enjoys it to be honest.
However, whatever your taste may be, there’s nothing wrong with showering some love. Gifts can make anyone feel the jitters in their stomach, even if it's from your mom on Valentine’s Day.

We do hope you have a valentine :p Nevertheless, Valentine’s day celebrator or not, love is in the air this season and no one can deny that.

Show that you care.

Showering love on someone will make them feel appreciated and you, happy. That’s what we’d hope at least. Use this Valentine’s day to show that you care. This doesn’t need to be limited to your significant other.

Buy gifts for your friends, family or colleagues this Valentine’s Day. This will make YOU feel happy on the inside. Pinky promise, tried and tested! Most importantly, that million dollar smile on your mom, dad or significant other’s face will feel so precious.

Valentine's Day

Now the question is, what do I buy? Teddy bears? Chocolates? Perfumes? Been there, done that, every Valentine’s Day, no? Think outside the box this time around. JACKETS! LEATHER JACKETS.

And we don’t say this to release promotional material, there’s a very logical reason to why that works best:

Valentine's Day Leather Jacket Men

A lovely jacket for a day filled with love; Elegant Men's Red Leather Jacket - Voteporix

Forever yours.

Leather jackets don’t wither away like flowers. Chocolates are delicious, no doubt, but who will remember them after they’ve been gobbled down. Hence, leather jackets work best. Look for real leather jackets that will last you longer than a lifetime.

Valentine's Day

HINT: That’s us. Leather Jacket Master. 100% real leather jackets. The jacket will be forever yours!

Valentine's Day Leather Jacket Women

Trim Maroon Leather Jacket Women - Chalina

For Him & For Her:

Valentine’s Day isn’t limited to gender. Whoever you feel like showering your love on, him or her, a gift that lasts forever and more will probably do the job. No wonder we keep telling you we’ve got you covered!

We have the perfect gift for both him and her!


We love you.

If you need more convincing, we’ll bombard you with love.

We really do love you, dearest ones. More than the stars and galaxies combined. You want proof of our love? There’s upto 50% off on our extravagant jackets; yup, the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your Valentine is ready to be shipped!

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Valentine's Day