We’re proud to present one of the most unique Size-Guides available on the Internet. And yet, as advanced as it may be, it has the most User-Friendly Interface.

We’ll be guiding you through the whole process of understanding and using our Size Guide with the help of screen shots.

Size Guide Elements

You can access the "Pre-defined" Size-Guide here. You'll see the following screen;

Step 1: Choose Gender

First of all, choose your Gender. Ofcourse, There's a huge difference in guys and girls' sizes.

Step 2: Choose Product

At the top, you can see options for different Product Categories. Clicking each of these categories will show you a different set of sizing options required for the each specific item.

Step 3: Choose Your Size

The Vertical Bar on the left side is the Size-Bar with Predefined Sizes.

Step 4: Select Measurement Units

You can either take your Measurement in Centimeters or in Inches, whichever option suits you better.

Step 5: Match with your Regions Size

Sizes for Different Regions are provided so that our customers get an idea of the sizes according to their regions.

Step 6: Check Measurements

Selecting any size from the Size-Bar will show you Predefined Measurements for each of the selected product. Please make sure that all the predefined sizes match your exact body size. If they do not match you can choose the custom size option from the product page as well (Explained below).

The Custom Size Guide

Our "Custom Size Button" on the product page is where the real magic starts.

Whenever you open any product page, you will see a Size-Bar as highlighted in the image above. We've already explained the predefined sizes, now to emphasize on the CUSTOM SIZE Option. When you click the "?" Button at the right end of the toolbar, you will see the following screen.

As you can see, instead of the unchangeable predefined sizes, you now have the option to give your custom size. You'll have to measure yourself physically for all the given fields.

Each type of Product that you are visiting will have different measurement fields (as shown above) for example you will will not see waist/chest measurements for trousers and you do not need to measure inseam/outseam for jackets. Please double check that you're are providing correct measurements for each field.

The Size-Guide is a good way to get an idea of what size you wear, or whether you're measuring yourself correctly or not. A Whole lot of details are provided as you simply move your mouse over different areas.

The "Tooltip" Feature

One last thing that we would like our customers to know about the Size-Guide is that we've simplified it to extents. We've given tool-tips to help you take your measurements correctly and properly.

We Hope you take maximum advantage of this One-of-a-Kind tool, and ofcourse, your feedback is of utmost value to us. Don't forget to leave comments below.