The Moment of Pride: LJM is Trusted by Jennifer Batten to stitch her “Forever Dangerous” Leather Jacket

After the demise of Michael Jackson, his guitarist Jennifer Batten turned down many offers to perform in tributes for the late King of Pop. “I felt they lacked quality and I realized we could create something really exceptional to properly honor Michael’s incredible contributions” she exclaimed.

The reasons she gave for not accepting those invitations sounded legitimate and had a mixed whiff of disappointment and motivation in it. The lack of quality in the proposed tributes not only disappointed her, but undoubtedly motivated her to come up with something that can be worthy of being called a “proper tribute” to Michael Jackson.

Forever Dangerous was the idea that she conceived later to pay homage to Michael’s incredible contributions. It was a series of live stage performances. With the involvement of legendary Marc Brickman and Chris Fischer of Hi-Phi Entertainment,‘Forever Dangerous’ soon became the talk of the town and Michael’s fan all over the world crossed their fingers in excitement.


Apart from playing along with Michael Jackson as Lead and Rhythm guitarist during “Bad”, “Dangerous” and “HIStory” world tours, Jennifer Batten is also acclaimed for her immense input in the music industry in shape of her solo albums, music video appearances and collaborations. Who else could’ve been the right person to recreate some of the most applauded and memorable moments in music history and  accolade the King? And that too in such a unique manner.

And by now you must be wondering what on earth this journal about music celebrities is doing on a Leather Jacket Store’s blog? Well, Jennifer is as fond of Leather Jackets as the late Pop Icon himself was, and that is where we come in. Rightly so, we at LJM had our moment of pride when Jennifer placed her trust in us to stitch her a Leather Jacket, a replica of what she had worn on a number of occasions during the world tours with Michael Jackson and music videos.


Jennifer is being seen wearing the Jacket made by LJM in the cover photo of “Forever Dangerous – Honoring the King of Pop” that went viral and was widely used for promotional purposes.

The Jacket with golden and silver studs all over it, is made with top grained leather and our craftsmen have paid a great amount of attention to its details. Jennifer did not only want to pay a tribute to Michael, but also wanted to re-live the extraordinary moments she had with the legendary performer and musician. Certainly, we are overwhelmed to  have played our small part to make it as real as it can be for her, by manufacturing a mirror-image of her original jacket.

It nevertheless worked as a motivation dose for team LJM and we are ever committed to serve all of our clients with the same zeal and dedication. Leather Jacket Master has also produced some outclass replicas of Michael Jackson’s Jackets.