Wild One was released in 1953 starring Marlon Brando. James Dean became,icon of troubled youth Rebel Without a Cause In 1955. America mood was taking a rebellious turn. Leather and motorcycle spirit was at its bloom. There was a post World War 2 biker culture as well in the 40’s. A number of bars were made. “Los Angeles County once boasted more than 19 motorcycle and uniform clubs,”

This trend uplifted the association of Bikers with Leather appeals and then further numerous such happenings prolonged. So these sects can be termed as the pioneers to leather appraisal. The style and aroma was extremely edgy, the trend did change with time but the jacket types are even yet admired specially those which give an antique look. The Bikers used to loot the streets with their fashion and looks. Leather and its associated trends are very interesting, it has thick roots and emerging assets which are worth reading. Will keep posting as you keep reading ! Chao.