Heard of emo’s ? Seen them ever ? Sure you have. A different myth that has ruled so many teenagers so far. The style comes with some dark eyes, funky hairdo and unusual accessories. Emos are basically admirers of music in the rock theme with an addition of some punk and emotional subjections.

Well here talking about this specific look, leather deeply associates and uplifts it. Emo’s have mostly been seen wearing leather jackets and even pants placing an edgy rock look. Music is an inspiration for these emo’s and as seen before music has been associated with leather as well, a lot of stars and celebrities had leather appeals in their wardrobe. So if you want to have an emo look just color your hair with vibrant shades, cut it short , edge it up , pull on some black nail polish , heavy accessories and above all the everlasting leather jacket and leather pants making it all complete.

Styles and trends are ways in which one can show or come out of the shell. Leather jackets have been a versatile wear that makes every style look even better and shapes a personality in the best way. So keep wearing and loving Leather!