The calculated leather production value worths US$ 1,350 million distinctly for the worldwide automotive industry.Tanning industry solo is evaluated to give employment to 500,000 above people Worldwide. The leather industry is bigger than the frequently recognized lots.

The European leather sector with a turnover of almost € 8 billion, over 3,000 companies and some 50, 000 people directly employed to demonstrate Europe's tanneries competitiveness in the global market. Europe has been a vital player in the international leather trade having 25% of the world's leather production being a large and dynamic consumer market, in international business circles concerning leather and tanning Europe stands out as the leading force. European leathers are exported worldwide to attain highest standards, further the industry expects a major growth in coming years.

Hearing from Pakistan, the currently elected Chairman of Pakistan Tanners Association (Central) Mr. Agha Saiddain stated that the Leather Sector will be possibly treated as Model Sector in Strategic Trade Policy Framework 2012 to 2015 . He said that the Leather Industry has the potential to raise as 3.00 Billion dollar Industry in the next 3 years which has been static at US$ 1.00 Billion since previous five years.Leather industry, including leather products, is the second largest export earning sector after textiles in the country. At present this sector is contributing about $800 million per year in Pakistan, it contains the urge to multiply the volume of exports by having betterments in quality and expansion in various scope of products. Pakistani Leather exports during first five months of current fiscal year 2013-14 saw an increase of 9.9% against last years period.

The Australian leather industry comprises of sheepskin ,cattle and kangaroo tanning . Overall, it employs approximately 2700 people within Australia having $1 billion revenue. In 2010 the exports of pre tanned/ raw hides were about $700 million. Future prospects in Australian Leather Industry focus on growth and industrial expansion.

The Leather Industry withstands being prominent enough to show its growth potential in years to come. Leather industry being a huge market is a significant one to be looked in and followed. The mentioned stats above give a bird’s eye view of the industry leading sections. The tremendous growth potential is deemed for leather industry and is a projected one. In the end ! Well who doesn't love leather ! Putting it on your attire is a smart choice no matter in what shape or form it is, so keep your tastes up to the mark and adore leather.