Leather is lovely! So the way you own it , you better take care of it as well as it’s totally worth it. It does not just end by buying a leather jacket and wearing all around, when you get one you better know how to make it look the same for a longer time. Taking care differs according to the climatic conditions as well. Some things need to be done and some need not be done in this case.


Leather Do’s

So let’s start with the things we need to do in order to make our leather get going for a longer time and make it look as good as new. The Leather Do’s:

For Dry Climate one should condition leather at least 4 times per year, plus it is very important when the jacket gets even slightly wet it should be conditioned.This helps a lot to avoid cracking.Now how to do it? Dampen a lint free cloth in water and first wipe away all the dirt over the jacket with soft hands, then let it dry! After that take a lint free dry cloth and dampen it in leather oil and apply a thin amount on the leather jackets surface, apply 2 coats with a gap of 24 hours and let it dry. After this apply some leather conditioner and let it stay, when done wipe the remaining and alas! Your leather jacket is finally conditioned.

For Wet Climate, use a waterproof spray to keep it well. This will help keep the leather jacket look new all the time. This has to be done at least 4 times per year.

Always store your leather jacket in a cloth bag.

Always place the leather jacket in room temperature.

Place the leather jacket in a slightly lighted area.


Leather Don’ts

Now things which should not be done when it comes to leather: The Leather Don’ts.

Salt ! Oh no no no !Take the Salt away. Salt is termed as a killer to leather. The reason is that the Salt dries away the natural oils leading to cracking which is really dangerous. Salt puts up stains on leather as well. If there is some salt , the leather needs to be conditioned to wipe it away immediately.

Do not expose leather too much to snow as it can leave watermarks on it.

Do not seal up leather jackets in any sort of plastic bags.

Try not to fold the leather at all. This damages the shape.

Leather needs to breathe so do not place it in a place where there is humidity.

So for the time ! This is all, and i am so sure that you must have learned a lot about what to do what not to. So stay cool and keep reading Chao!