I am classy, sassy, edgy, stylish. comfortable and even durable. You put me on every season and yet i am the most happening appeal around. You are right! It’s me the Leather Jacket and i am here to talk. It has been time you have been reading and writing about me, so I just thought of saying Hi!

We The Leather Jackets love being styled & adored, colors & looks make us the best of all and Quality ! is the main health factor as substandard quality is fatal for us. I like it when you put me on and take good care! Because thats all a leather jacket wants ! to be handled with a little care.

Some things that I want to narrate, I won't get cheesy at all so keep reading, These things are important for you:

- You should know what type leather you are wearing. Whether it goes with the season or not, a tough and thick one would be ideal for winters.

- Experiment always! Leather jackets are the ones which can be catered with any outfit, so never restrict yourself to just a pair of jeans, try different stuff and trust me ! I’ll make you look amazing.

- Do not overdo! I ( the leather jacket) always comes on the front zone! pulling things over me worries me a lot and I hate it. Plus if you want to try it go ahead you would look awful.

- Wear me with my cousins! we are close friends too! Family matters you know. The leather boots are love as they make the look more edgy. A leather bag is classy, leather pants/skirts are too hot to resist.

- Keep the cats away! They put on scratches and it hurts big time.

- I like being conditioned regularly. Do it please.

Well its enough for the first time, I would surely come up again and I know you would be waiting.

Till then bye bye.

Yours Leathery

Leather Jacket