The thoughts that first appear in one’s mind upon mentioning “Motorcycle Gear” are filled with the sounds of metal and stench of oil. However, there’s another feel to it – a feel that’s much softer than the sounds of metal smacking the metal. The feel of pure leather that is, as leather apparel undoubtedly is the most favorite commodity of motorcyclists after their bikes, of course.

I have known quite a few people, who considered me as their second friend, first being their bikes. And I know a lot about them – at least I like to think that I do. Anyhow, the three attributes that were super common in my biker friends are as follows:

After washing their bikes to every bit and spoke, they would sit, have a smoke and stare at it, for hours at times.
They would, in the middle of the night, go out to have a look at their bikes. To make sure it’s unharmed and looks as beautiful as they left it to be.
They’re always dreaming about that perfect wardrobe filled with motorcycle apparel of all sorts, be it, gloves, boots, leather pants or leather jackets.  
Okay, so if you fall into any of the above categories, chances are that you’d fall into all of them. Anyway, coming back to the point. Motorcycle Gear doesn’t only comprise of metal tools, spare parts or chains for that matter. Leather Apparel, such as Biker Jackets, Leather Pants, Suits, Gloves and Boots are regarded as an important part of Motorcycle Gear.

Leather has always been on top in the list of most durable motorcycle riding gear materials. Nothing, I repeat, nothing compares to the durability and abrasion resistance that a Leather Apparel offers. It does not melt from friction and offers great protection if the rider happens to be sliding down the road. “Leather Motorcycle Riding Gear” for sure offers better protection as well as comfort and ability to fight the harsh weather. They say; “Accidents Hurt, Safety Doesn’t” and what could be safer than to wear Leather Motorcycle Riding Gear equipped with protective padding?

At Leather Jacket Master you will find all of them, made with pure, full grain & thick leather. All the items are handmade and pretty amazing, they’re equipped with protective padding, which is in compliance with European CE technical standards. Moreover, they come at a surprisingly competitive price range. Stroll along and we’re sure you would come across some astounding Motorcycle Riding Gear Leather Apparel.