Stuffed in an outfit! Feeling off balance! There is way too much swag that it uncomforts you. Well this happens when you are not feeling good with what you are wearing and the prior reason to it is that the clothes on are totally inappropriate ones.

The main thing is ! That you have to look good and that would make you feel good about it as well. Comfortable clothing brings out the confidence and pops the best out ! It is a general myth and proved by psychology as well that no matter what you buy , an expensive brand or luxury clothing, if you are not  feeling comfortable and easy in it from the in & out both! It would come on your face which eventually shows up all over. Yo do need to look good! And the key elements to a successful attire include a perfect outfit and which suits you perfectly. It is not necessary that you wear short cuts even if you have a short height ! just for the reason that they are in fashion. It is good to follow the trends but overdoing when its not meant for you is not at all wise. To explain further i would give you the example of Leather Jackets! Long Leather Coats would look good on people with a tall height or otherwise gear up some heels! Short length jackets are not for an elegant party ! They are meant for funky and edgy attires.The Vests should be worn keeping the inner combinations in mind or else it can turn into a complete disaster. What if you are too thin and you put on a baggy shirt along with a baggy leather piece ? Worst ! Is the word i would use. Well instead you can put on a smart fit shirt and a baggy jacket! That would look better. But then again you need to keep your self in mind while buying clothes and choosing what you want to wear ! The special part is when you want to wear! The occasion matters as well, the time, the weather conditions and of course what is outdated and what is in fashion but then again i would repeat ! Do not just follow the fashion, make sure that it looks good on you as well. The reason to this is, if you wear something looking simply awesome on you might turn up to be the fashion focus of all.

So  Look Good & Feel Good  !