The black color has been much of an attraction piece along with its hype of being the most fashion adaptive color of all times. Here I have some spark from Michael Fassbender wearing a smart Leather Jacket. This was worn when he was up for the promo trail of his new movie “ Frank in New York”. The 37 year old had the swag and looked cool. He truly defines how a star should actually look like. Talking about the look. Well it was smartly done. Blue jeans a black shirt up with a zipper style leather jacket made it perfect. Accorised himself with Classy shades looking super cool for the day time event. The hairdo was done simple so that the whole look does not get way too over. This jacket had zips on sleeves and had a buckle collar which could be taken up or folded down, any way which makes one comfortable. Well the star did get a lot of appreciation on this look for the day and got pretty cool ratings on it as well. Iam sure you liked it as well. Would be sharing a lot more about what your favorite stars like to wear and how they dress up and make you love them even more. Stay tuned in !.