Clothing items with hoods attached to them are commonly referred to as “Hoodies” and hoodies are tough and controversial. Initially used by the farmers back in the twelfth century, hoodies soon became the darling attire for bandits, assassins and secret society members walking the gloomy corridors of ancient dwellings preparing for secret rituals. Like every other clothing item, hoodies have their roots in the history. And they’ve grown well over the period of time rather they’ve expanded and made their way into other cultures and societies. Now one can see people from all walks of life and from all parts of the world wearing those “identity-concealing Men’s Hooded Leather Jackets. Their purpose, however, might not be to conceal their identity, but somehow it does by default, and gives out a notion that the wearer has something negative going on in their minds.

Imagine you’re walking down an alley and a figure emerges from the opposite direction walking towards you wearing a hoodie. What would be your first reaction? Would you not hesitate a little and think of that figure as some kind of a robber or criminal? Such are the colors that hoodies can add to a situation, but it’s only natural and cool to wear them, seriously – a man with criminal intents can well cover his face with a handkerchief or a scarf for that matter.

When we look at it from a different standpoint, it can be an empowering experience to be getting into a hooded leather jacket, for instance, which makes you half invisible. Very effective for the shy lot and it actually works. Desmond Miles from Assassin’s Creed have got many ancestors who deemed it necessary to wear a hooded cloak in order to look like a proper assassin and move around without being recognized. Chris from Freedom Fighters could escape those sharp Russian Lookouts with the help of a hooded jacket, save for the Colton Haynes from Arrows. Hooded cloaks have been used by kings to disguise themselves as peasants and mingle with the commoners, so yes… it certainly makes you half invisible and empowered.

Opting to wear a hooded leather jacket is more like taking a decision to differ from the average, standard and pre-defined set of rules, shouting out loud that I am a rebel and I don’t care. And sometimes not caring can be the best thing as you tend to become what you really want to be and wear what you like. But there are always two sides of a coin and both should be analyzed before making a final judgement. One side of the coin says that hoodies signifies the disgruntled, vicious and malevolent youth, which is scowling and indolent. Whereas, the other side suggests that it’s the opposite of the fake. The uniform of the rebel army of young people who defy the norms of an oppressive society, it’s more defensive rather offensive. Hoodies let you stay invisible in the street and at times it’s only natural, cool and the best thing to do.

Hoodies were not so common and acceptable before the 1990’s. However, after the 90’s they evolved into mainstream fashion clothing items. Due to drastic developments in the hip hop culture in the 90’s and hoodies being the staple apparel of that culture. Starting from sweatshirts initially, hoodies are now made of almost every material and it’s an essential for most of the professional clothing such as Motorcycle Leather Apparel, mountaineering jackets, mining and skiing. Leather Jacket Master has come up with a number of irresistible Men’s hooded leather jackets over the period of time. All sorts of celebrity leather hoodies such as this one can be custom made as per clients requirements. Moreover, as you know that leather is an extremely water repellent material and if you’re wearing a hooded leather jacket, you’ve got yourself in a pretty good position against harsh weather elements let alone the unnecessary gazes in the street.