Ghost Rider Agents of Shield Jacket

What in the world is Agents of Shield?

Remember Marvel comics from the good age of comics? You don’t? Okay, Spiderman, Iron man, Hulk, Captain America? Do they ring a bell? I hope they do, otherwise no offence but your childhood really missed a beat.

What does that have to do with Agents of Shield and why are we even discussing it?

Well, simply put, agents of shield is also a Marvel comic. A little bit of a cliche but it’s an espionage agency using superheroes to save humanity. Yup, bad guys vs good guys, fight against crime, monsters destroyed and the day was saved, thanks to the powerpuff girls, just kidding, thanks to agents of Shield.

Okay great, the day was saved, the war was over, hurray agents of shield. But why should you care about Agents of Shield 2017? The latest season of Agents of Shield has the very famous Ghost Rider saving (or destroying?) the day this time around!

Ghost Rider Agents of Shield
© Agents of the Shield copyright of Marvel Studios 2016

Wait, what? Ghost Rider in Agents of Shield?

YESSSS! You heard that right. And in case you have no idea who they are; Ghost Riders are superheros who obviously have supernatural powers. DUH!

Ghost Riders ride a motorcycles which can do seemingly impossible tricks. They’re immortal by the way, God created them and only God can destroy them. Robbie Reyes, being the fifth Marvel Ghost Rider, is also a part of the famous Agents of the Shield!

He’s cooler than any previous Ghost Rider because he owns a black muscle car; motorbikes were so last season. And wears the most stylish Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider Jacket.

Ghost Rider Agents of Shield Jacket
Robbie Reyes flaunts his extremely fiery Agents of Shield Ghost Rider Leather Jacket. 

So? What does Leather Jacket Master have to do with Ghost Rider?

Since we’re a tasteful bunch at Leather Jacket Master and love all things comic; we have a brand new replica of the Ghost Rider leather Jacket worn by Robbie Reyes (Gabriel Luna) designed specifically for Superheroes like you, reading this from the other end of the screen!

P.S Real Superheroes wear real leather. We’ve got you covered.

What’s so special about this Ghost Rider jacket?
Brace yourselves! This Ghost Rider Leather Jacket is a top-grade Cowhide jacket with a YKK front zipper worn by the famous Robbie Reyes as the Ghost Rider. Agents of the Shield Ghost Rider Jacket is tailored to fit, made from 100% Premium leather with a phenomenal glossy finish and free shipping worldwide.

Yup, you heard that right. FREE shipping worldwide because its pays off to be a superhero. ;)

Ghost Rider Agents of Shield Jacket
Ghost Rider Agents of Shield Jacket

The ultra-modern replica of Robbie Reyes Agents of Shield Ghost Rider Jacket from Leather Jacket Master.

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