Celebrities dressed up at their best, immense media attention and loads of fan following! Yes here I am talking about the OSCARS ! Like always this time the Oscars went wild with all the stardom and glam, stars were all over and looked amazing. And how can Leather not be a part of such a remarkable event. So here is all the Leather Buzz for you.

Pharrell Williams wore a Black Leather Jacket in the oscars for his performance on the tune also nominated for The Best Original Song Category which was “Happy”- the feel good anthem from “DESPICABLE ME 2”. Pharrell brought his Hat back along with Red Sequin Sneakers, blue jeans and the Black Leather Jacket with white lines on the sleeve area looked simply perfect. Accessories like rings and wrist bands did the job well to compliment.

The performance was a power pack booster for sure. He did it with style, passion and all the dancing and did the dancing up with Lupita Nyoung’o, Meryl Streep etc. If you have missed it then do Watch it and enjoy.

These award ceremonies are surely awaited by us and we are so keen to follow what our favourite celebs put on. This singer/producer has millions of fans and his Oscar performance leather attire is projected to be followed by many fans around. A Leather Jacket ignites the whole look and this was just the very right choice for such a happening performance on stage. The leather jacket not only looked attractive but also made Pharrell feel comfortable and free to perform. Surely you want to wear this one now! For more star central appeals hop into our Celebrity Leather Jackets and stick to Leather Jacket Master .