Seasons bloom up with all the goodness. But we should be aware of what to carry on ourselves or it might turn up an exhausting exercise and a never ending battle between you and your wardrobe selection. Here for you i have pinned up some Do’s and Don’ts for the Summer Season which would help you sticking to a better aroma of fashion and clothing.


- Colours! Use them. Vibrant, classy, fresh and sa
- Get creative
- Follow your comfort zone
- In jackets prefer vests, as in summers they are pretty convenient.
- Avoid single color overall, make combinations.
- Wear flowery prints
- Choose thin fabric but of good quality



- Avoid overtopping of different type of fabrics in clothing
- Do not get loud with colors
- Avoid long length skirts as they are not cool for summer
- Add less jewelry
- Too much prints are never friendly