Leather goes through processing and steps after which it comes in a final shape. These steps matter a lot as they are a key to leathers final look which surely has to be impressive. Coming to Tannery of the Year launched in 2009! it is an award for the tanning industry globally. This is to celebrate the leather production and for leather material promotion around the world. The first time the competition was held in 2010, 29th March in Hong Kong. The winner was Ethiopia Tannery Share Company. Next was in 2011 September 6 in Shanghai , the winners were Heller-Leder- Germany. In the third competition PrimeAsia China won Tannery of the Year.

Prime Asia - 2013

The regional winners were Seton AutoLeather, South Africa, SB Foot Tanning Co, US , Midori Hokuyo, Japan, PrimeAsia China and Sepici Grubu, Turkey.