Class with a luscious flavor and an attire full of grace and excellence sums up into a Vintage Leather Jacket. These Jackets have been so loved that the name now depicts affiliation and charm. It changes your wardrobe taste and puts in all the style. Saying goodbye to this season this is a perfect send off to offer, nothing can be better than a vintage leather jacket for the purpose.

Wearing it makes you look natty, considered to be a perfect daytime/ evening wear. So lets see how a Vintage Leather Jacket looks like and then i would tell you that what best you can add in, to come up with an amazing look.

So this is a Vintage Leather Jacket, looks classy and special. Some do have added fur on the collar side and some don’t. They come in dusty and muddy colours like grey’s, black’s, blue, mustard and greens. Moving on to making a perfect look with a Vintage Leather Jacket: you should wear a coloured plain shirt or a check shirt with it. Trust me ! It would look great on you.

Add a pair of blue jeans, this would settle the look and make it more of an epic one which others would surely love to follow. Basically the blue jeans are in style no matter how you wear them, they do not overdo our dress but instead they lift it and make you stand out.


Wrap up with sneakers, giving a chic to the whole aroma. This attire would suit you and last for long. Looking great is an art and here at Leather Jacket Master we always want to help you on this. Sneakers should match the colour of the shirt you put on, for example if its blue the sneakers should be blue as well.


Adding a little cherry to the cake! Wear your favourite shades. For girls ! let your hair free and add some loose curls with a very light makeup on. For the boys! Dash it with some easy yet hot looking hairdos. Put on any fragrance you like because it is very important how good your aroma is. So summing it up, Vintage Leather Jackets are really really in the limelight. Make a suitable attire with your own lovable Vintage Leather Jacket and follow this guide, you won't miss a single gaze. So look stunning and keep the style running !