We are living in the world of fashion! We see the style era blooming & gleaming with time.  It has been a revolution in the particular industry how creativity has emerged towards flawless expressions. You do love looking good! And you do adore all the latest trends. Whether we accept it or not! Adapting the latest fashion has been a food for thought to every buzz, but there are moods to it ! Some people go way deep, whereas some just like touching the shore. Even in some cases, people are way too obsessed! But that's not such a good option. Well, having said this, it mostly depends on peoples taste and the way they catch the fever. Survival is also important! Once you do have trendy looks, how long do you carry them? What if the phase lasts just for a season or even just a month and you are done. For those who lack determination are suggested to take it at a lighter pace mostly.

Now talking about The Dilemma in Fashion!  There are plenty of ! Pros/Cons, Do’s/ Don’ts & If’s/But’s when it comes to the fashion fiesta! The Dilemma here is we don’t even come near them, we just let the stuffing go on and on. Even having so many portals, platforms, events, ramps, experts, mentors & tutorials, we lack the sparkle. You do have your favorite leather coat which is the best of all times, but you do not know or you even don’t care to know that you should not put it on like a leather jacket as there is a difference in the way you carry both. This is the time when technology brings everything to your monitor screen with just a click, it is a matter of question that why we are not sinking in. The fact is that we don’t try! The passion, zest and desire floats just on the word “fashion” not on actually how you should paint it well. It is like a painting ! It has to be perfect or an abstract can be a blunder at times.  

Taking fabrics in focus, whether it is cotton, silk, jute, linen, leather or wool! It should be chosen wisely. Not only this the colors matter a lot. Wearing a bright cocktail color for a funeral would look awful won't it ? I am not just saying that we all face this problem every time, and we are totally out of the fashion sense, the point here is that the standards ask for an upgrade every time, we do face the challenge its just that some of us takes it and some just don’t get it. Not getting it worries you as well & I know that! A simple solution which is molded yourself  the way you look good in that particular trend, as not fitting in the boots, but still bragging it all over is a high level discomfort. Always remember DO NOT enter the UNCOMFORT ZONE! I call it the RED ZONE! Just try and be yourself at least if fashion is not what you can buy.

In the end! To wrap it up, you should look in the mirror and be your own critic and when I say critic it means you must! must focus on the odds & get over them! This would not only make you analyze where you stand, but also would help you overcome the dilemma in fashion.