The trailer of Captain America’s third sequel “Civil War” is out and it’s big. Fans all over the world are excited to see what it’s going to be like when friends turn into foes and the whole hell gets loose. Sure it isn’t the official trailer, but it certainly is a cut from the official one and well just as expected, it has got all of us talking.

Leather Jacket Master is a huge fan of Captain America, and for that very reason, we have come up with a detailed line of Captain America Costumes made with leather, obviously. These best sellers are precise replicas of the original costumes. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

This one, here, is a Captain America Costume Jacket. This famous iconic outfit is made with the finest quality, naturally tanned leather with a top grain finish. Moreover, it will be a made-to-measure jacket, exclusively stitched for your body measurements. For people who prefer black over blue,

here’s a black version of it.

Here’s a another versions of Captain America’s Motorcycle Costume Jacket in form of a Leather Biker Jacket. Captain America’s costumes have changed over time, even in DC Comics. This vintage Leather Apparel is “NOT” the exact replica of the original costume. Rather it is our OWN Creative Adaptation of a different concept. We Call it “Captain America: POST WAR VETERAN” outfit.

Another outclass leather jacket from Captain America collection that’s worth a mention here is the blue “winter soldier”.

This black beauty here is another masterpiece in Captain America Winter Soldier collection. The fact that you can take a sleeve off the jacket makes it innovative and trendy.

All jackets are made with the finest quality, naturally tanned leather with a top grain finish. Moreover, they’re handcrafted and custom tailored to make sure each jacket is a fresh piece and exclusively stitched for each individual. Grab yours and let the world know you’re one of the sentinels of liberty!