Mostly the leather quality depends on the hide used, Italy got a top ranking in this one because of the reason that it tanned leather from around the world.With new industry regulations a number of tanning industries went down and Italy decided to take hold. Though Italian leather itself is well known as well as a number of designers such as Prada and Gucci come with Jackets, Handbags, shoes and even belts.Not only this, even the masters in leather furniture also go for the preferred quality. Pelle ( used for leather in Italian) traditionally comes from cow, but mostly Italian Leather come from Ostrich hide. The Ostrich leather has a different appeal. It is thicker as compared to other hides and is more durable as well. On the surface of Leather coming from ostrich hide has large bumps creating an appearance called as "goosebump". Another zone in which Italian Leather is mostly used is "Upholstery". Upholstery is an art of providing covering, webbing and padding on furniture etc. Italian Leather is also known for its skilled craftsmen who are pretty devoted towards their work.


Florence is known for its fine handmade craft , such as jewelry & leather. The history gives an impact on the dedication of their craftsmen. So hence we see that not only the quality of leather matters but also the way its catered and handled matterss a lot. The people working on it should be well aware of the ways to make it better. So for the day it was about the speciality of Italian Leather and i am sure that this would have added up to your information, for more such stuff keep reading our Blog.