Its time you need to know that why is it important to have a leather jacket in your wardrobe. As we make leather jackets which are for a life time ! we certainly want you to have one that stays with you forever. Leather jacket is one which can be termed as an investment piece. For men and women both ! leather is a fabric that is always there in their daily routine, can be in form of a wallet, a belt, a clutch, the watch you're wearing and then of course your clothing.

Now coming to why should you be having a leather jacket in your closet!

- It’s a ready to go piece! that means you do not have to iron it or get it done before wearing it at all. You can just grab it and put it on and you're done! This is a special feature that is rarely seen in any other dress or clothing.

- You can pair it up with any kind of clothing you want to, can a floral skirt, denim jeans, leather pants, flappers, long frocks and even tights. Hence it is not at all restricted to some particular dress. If the trend even changes for the dresses the leather jacket would look good on any kind that makes sure it won't ever get old.

- Enhances your style, it uplifts the whole attire. Leather jackets are of many form, bikers, bomber, leather vests and long coats etc. These smarty suit everyone according to their body types.

- Gives you an edgy and trendy look. Leather jackets make one look like a star in the limelight as it catches everyone's attention.

- Protects you! wearing a leather jacket is safe. Specially when it comes to bikers, it prevents them from getting hurt during the racing.

- Is durable, lasts for long. Leather is not a fabric with gets off the beat easily, it stays for long and looks great.

- Is always as good as new ( if kept with care ). You just need to keep in mind some special measures to take and walla! your jacket is just the same like they day you bought it from the store.

Go and pick your favourite leather jacket now ! And you would surely love having it in your closet.