Reading about what you wear actually increases your knowledge about it and makes you realise the pros and cons. Leather is one of a kind that is worn in every form! Jackets! Handbags! Belts! Wristwatches! Shoes! Pants! Tops! Clutches! and what not. So knowing about it matters a lot more than you can even think of.  What if you do not know what makes it look better or what can ruin it totally. Being totally ignorant can actually cause blunders. And being a Leather fan! I am sure you do not want to damage it at all. Caring for anything makes it last long, can be your skin, your health, your diet etc and same goes for Leather - the more you care for it the more it stays with you. I have a number of guides regarding how to care for leather, how to pick a leather jacket, how to wear it with seasons defined, how to make it stay alive for a long time period, from where the best leather comes and even which tannery earned the top ratings. So this treasure is worth a read and would make you know the fabric and its related assets in a better way. So what i suggest is, take out some time and read our BLOG! which is full of the leather flavor! Till then see you ! :)