WWE Superstar "Cody Rhodes" Appreciates Our Jackets

We have all been at some point in our life addicted to the sport of wrestling. Having a favorite one and waiting for the fight used to be a tradition at almost every household. Recently, it has become more of a business than sport. Good guys with morals in the ring are hard to come by nowadays. Its difficult to find a role model in this field anymore but don’t lose hope just yet. 

Although there aren't many compelling characters out there worth cheering for, however Cody Rhodes has been an idol for many wrestling fans. Despite his occasional shots at the opposition from time to time, people tend to like him a great amount and honestly, there’s no reason anyone would dislike him.
Considering his huge fanbase we came up with the replica jackets of the star.

As always Leather Jacket Master is proud to present their Celebrity Replica Jackets that have actually been appreciated by our customers worldwide.

A die hard Cody Rhodes fan had us make an exact replica of the jacket of WWE Superstar. Our customer’s gratitude was very prominent from the feedback we got from him in an email. He went to a number of WWE events wearing the outfit we had specifically crafted for him. Eventually he got a chance to meet his idol Cody Rhodes in real and got his jacket signed and autographed by the star Himself. Our customer went on to write in his email that Rhodes appreciated our work. Following are comments from our customer;

“I would like to tell you that Cody Rhodes liked the jacket you made and he signed it and took a picture of it! He also told me to tell you that you did an incredible job. I also promoted your website during 3 WWE Live events, and sent the link of your products to some Wrestlers. So thanks again for this beautiful jacket, i'm gonna ask you to do something crazy for me again between january & march next year haha!”

WWE Superstar "Cody Rhodes" Appreciates Our Jackets

He also shared the pictures with us that he captured on the events; One picture shows our customer standing next to Cody Rhodes and the other one show his autograph.

WWE Superstar "Cody Rhodes" Appreciates Our Jackets

Team at Leather jacket Master, couldn’t be happier with the feedback they receive from the customers. We are here to serve our customers to the best of our abilities, and we feel pride in achieving customer satisfaction.

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