At LJM we have already made X-men special leather appeals and have followed the stardom. This sequel has made a flashing entry and is ready to hit the charts. Like always the looks or the cast and their wardrobes have been a keen matter of dedication for the crew. And with the story line this dedication can be clearly seen at its best. The movie glazes with leather and shows uplifting attires that would surely be famous amongst the fans. In the Movie the X-men send over Wolverine to the past. It is a desperate effort to prevent events that doom humans and mutants both and this is a desperate effort. The Director Bryan Singer has placed in his best for a final shape.


Simon Kinberg (screenplay), Jane Goldman (story)


Hugh Jackman ,Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and many more.

So do move out and watch this one ! Not to forget the special X Men leather jackets for X-Men series fans out there.