How to make a Green Arrow Costume

How to make a Green Arrow Costume

Stephen Amell’s Arrow costume is a great idea for a halloween costume. You can even wear it on a cosplay party or to dress up as your favorite character on whatever occasion you like.

To do that properly, you need to learn how to make a green arrow costume from scratch. When we say make, we mean, where you can find the perfect items to pair together in order to make the an arrow costume that’s on-point!

The Green Oliver Queen Arrow Jacket 

Your green arrow costume is incomplete without a green jacket that looks exactly like the one that Stephen Amell wore as Arrow. The green jacket should have a hood to make you look like your favorite hero. A green leather jacket made from a mix of cloth and leather that has a hood and studs on the front will make you look exactly like arrow.

Front image of green arrow jacket from Leather Jacket Master

Take a look at this leather jacket made from real cowhide leather to give you a lifetime of superhero fun.

Stephen Amell Green Arm Band

To give you the perfect look, you can’t manage with a green arrow jacket alone. You need the green arm band that Stephen Amell wears to be compared to Arrow. A green leather arm band will be a great investment. It won’t be torn from over using it. It will actually have more character the longer you have it.

Side image of green arrow jacket

No power can stop you from being Arrow with this leather beauty! 

DC Comics Green Arrow Mask

The DC comics green arrow mask can either be made at home. Simply go to an arts and craft store, pick out a mascarade mask that fits and paint it green. But if you don’t want to go through that hassle, you can easily find it online.

DC Comics Green Arrow Mask
This green arrow mask from Amazon will add character to your overall Arrow look.

The Green Oliver Queen Arrow Gloves 

The green arrow costume can not be complete without gloves. It is absolutely necessary to add gloves to your outfit. Real leather gloves are a great addition to your costume. Although they fit well with the Oliver Queen green arrow costume, they can also be used during the winter for a casual evening.

Leather Gloves for the green arrow costumes

Shop Arrow Gloves

Don’t limit yourself. Take a look at these leather gloves from Amazon to get the gloves that match perfectly with your outfit.

Justice League Green Arrow Bows and Arrows

What’s an arrow costume without bows and arrows? This is the defining factor of the Justice league green arrow character and it will be a great addition to your costume. The bows and arrows will add more meaning to your entire outfit.

Shop Arrow Bows and Arrows

Take a look at these bows and arrows. They will elevate your entire costume and make you look like the Stephen Amell for sure!

Stephen Amell Green Arrow Pants and Boots

Now, coming back to the essentials of your Stephen Amell Green arrow costume. By essentials, we mean things that your costume can’t survive without. The most important of the lot are your green arrow leather pants. You need to wear pants regardless of where you decide to go wearing the green arrow jacket, so why not get the right ones? Wear a pair of black leather pants paired with the right boots.

Shop Arrow Pants

Take a look at these pants; made from real cowhide leather, these pants will be the most valuable addition to your overall superhero look. You will look as ready as ever to show off your Arrow costume.

Shop Arrow Boots

Your boots on the other hand, could be any black combat boots but if you want more ideas, these shoes below will look really heroic.

Congratulations! You made it. You will surely win the cosplay king award. Go on and complete this costume guide because you will look like a Green Arrow who is hard to resist!