Some Of The Most Iconic Michael Jackson Jackets & Costumes

Michael Jackson Jackets & Costume

Over the past many years, a leather jacket has managed to take over the fashion shows, shopping marts, and fashion wardrobes. It has always been around in many designs, shapes, and forms. However, the leather jacket industry experienced a huge boom when one of the biggest stars of all time, Michael Jackson opted for it as his signature costume at concerts and other events. MJ is the one whose music has inspired many rock stars of today. Well, music may not be the only thing we still admire, his sense of fashion is something we cherish as well. His dressing styles and other accessories such as the glove, the fedora, and chains are still the biggest parts of many ramp walks and fashion shows. The dresses he wore have left a remarkable memory to our standard of living.

How about we take a trip down memory lane and see some of the best leather jacket costumes he had supported back in the days. Throughout his musical journey leather jackets were part of his wardrobe, attracting thousands of people at his concerts and public appearances. With his incredible taste in clothing and the smartest stylists on the team, he managed to shine everywhere he went. Nonetheless, we cannot be grateful enough for the fashion legacy that he left behind.

This orange jacket became the hottest outerwear in the mid-1980s and was widely emulated. The reason behind the extreme popularity of this music video was the right kind of costume as well. It is highly unlikely that a leather jacket is given so much credit for a successful video but here, this was exactly the case. This soft Michael Jackson Leather Jacket in the orange shade is super subtle and is all set to take your ordinary look to the new heights of extraordinary. The real black Lambskin leather strips and a unique front button closure are some of the highlights of this jacket. It is a perfect costume for your upcoming bonfire with friends or Halloween. If you’re looking to pull up a real MJ look with minimum effort, this is the best pick for you. The team at LJM has crafted this jacket with dedication and love to keep the fashion legacy of MJ alive.

This jacket is considered the costume that turned Michael from a young heartthrob to a real badass. As seen in the videos for Thriller and Beat It, this jacket has been worn by many celebrities over the years such as Justin Bieber and Kanye West. It was a trendsetter back in the days and we’re proud to re-incarnate it in the supreme-most quality. In the ‘80s almost every other kid on the block wore one of these. Our Michael Jackson Leather Beat It Jacket is made out of real Red lambskin leather which makes it soft and lightweight. With End-to-end excellency in our workmanship, this jacket is the closest to the real thing you will ever find. And no matter where you go, this jacket is bound to make people look at you with envious eyes. Multiple zippers and the studs are high-quality brass, and the stitching has been done to perfection using nylon threads to ensure durability. The details are so fine that no one will be able to tell the difference between this replica and the original Michael Jackson jacket.

If you’re not a millennial and have followed the entire career of Michael Jackson, you would know what this jacket represents. This is a facsimile jacket worn by all-time favorite pop icon Michael Jackson in a PEPSI advertisement that flooded TV screens all over the world. His presence alone was enough to raise big bucks for the brands however, he was the kind of celebrity who was always on point with his appearance. That is exactly what made him special. His costumes still live on and are super popular in the fashion world. Many aspiring designers take inspiration from his looks over the years. Our LJM replica of this jacket has been given special attention for it to look exactly like the original. It’s an exclusive jacket with an eye-catching outlook.

Heavy-duty YKK zippers, brass studs, and the highest grade of cowhide leather are used in its making. Our claim is that you will not find any difference between our excellent replica and the original MJ Pepsi Black & White Leather Jacket.

We totally understand that women like to opt for the Michael Jacket Thriller attire as much as men do. Hence, the super skilled and creative team at LJM has come up with the female version of this jacket. No matter from which angle you look at it, it’s simply impossible to tell the difference between this replica and the original one. Not only does this jacket represent your sentimental association with the pop star but also makes you look super hip and stunning. It’s been more than a decade since MJ left us, however, his fashion legacy lives on just like his music. This lady’s version of Thriller is just another masterpiece from our collection. The subtle orange color combined with the black will bring out the rebel in you. The super creative stitching design on the neck and shoulders reflects the real craftsmanship of our skilled team. We take pride in not only coming up with pretty leather costumes but also the ones that you can feel confident and comfortable in. This one is exactly what your stunning wardrobe needs.

Remember that jacket MJ wore in a Pepsi advertisement back in the days and it got super-viral? Well, how can we not make the exact replica of it when we know how much we all adore it. We have designed the perfect celebrity costume to offer you the most spunky and splendid look of all time. King of pop Michael Jackson wore this costume and it caught the viewers’ attention instantly. Just like the original one, we have made this jacket using the best quality leather. The jacket has some unique features such as a lapel collar, zipper pockets on the chest and waist to give you comfort as well as plenty of space to carry your essentials. Slanted YKK zipper closure along with belt adjustment is something extraordinary and will definitely brighten up your overall look. This jacket will add a classic touch to your personality and will make you stand out in a crowd. High-quality brass zippers and studs throughout the jacket are the highlights of this costume. To make it look extra hip, we have installed epaulets on both shoulders.

As far as the trousers are concerned, there are white stripes on the sides throughout the trousers along with studs. Two zipper pockets on each side have also been placed.

Last but not the least, super popular and one of the personal favorites of the team at LJM is the thriller costume. King of pop Michael Jackson wore this outfit in his Music video called Thriller which got great reviews and sold billions of copies of the album and continues to do so. This outfit has special importance and value because this was the last and final song released by MJ. Apart from a sentimental value, the jacket has some amazing features such as a high neck round collar with a quilted design that stretches to the shoulders. Black V-shaped design on the front, back, waist and sleeves make this jacket one of the most vibrant outfits in our collection. It comes with a buttoned closure with an underneath zip fastening. The black belt around the cuffs and the hemline is adding edginess to this outerwear.

Coming to the bottoms, they are also made in vibrant orange color with high-quality leather so hurry up and be the first one to adopt a hard rock look just like MJ.