The Ultimate Deadpool 2 Costume Guide

The Ultimate Deadpool 2 Costume Guide

There’s no doubt that deadpool is handsdown the most entertaining superhero from Marvel comics. The first deadpool movie was a huge hit. Marvel fans couldn’t get enough of the comedy, action and superhero addiction. They demanded a deadpool 2.

Marvel looks out for everyone! Deadpool 2 will finally be releasing in 2018. The trailers look promising. They will refuel everyone’s inner superhero. Ryan Reynolds looked flawless in his deadpool costume. You can look just as flawless with this deadpool 2 costume guide. Gear up to welcome your favorite superhero looking just like him! 


1. The Deadpool Mask

The deadpool costume is incomplete without a complete set of deadpool merchandise. The first and most important detail in the deadpool 2 costume is the mask. You need to have the right mask for you to look exactly like your favorite superhero.

You can find the most impressive replica of the deadpool mask below:

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2. The Deadpool Jacket

How will deadpool look like a superhero without his supercool deadpool leather jacket? The deadpool jacket isn’t an ordinary piece of clothing. It is designed by leather jacket master made from real cowhide leather. It is the perfect leather jacket for someone who wishes to wear deadpool merchandise and flaunt as the new deadpool 2. This deadpool jacket has extra chest padding giving you an on-point superhero look.

Here is your must-have deadpool jacket from leather jacket master:

Leather Jacket Master's unmatchable Deadpool Leather Jacket

3. The Deadpool Pants

To give you a superhero look that is as real as the movie, you’ll need to wear your deadpool jacket with the right kind of leather pants. The deadpool pants are an ordinary wear. They are carefully designed for cosplay lovers and will need to be paired with the deadpool mask and leather jacket to pull off the right deadpool 2 costume.

You can buy the deadpool pants here:

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4. The Deadpool Belt

Superheros have a knack of noticing details. A deadpool belt is as important as wearing a deadpool jacket or any deadpool merchandise for that matter. The belt will complete the deadpool look and add details to your deadpool apparel.

Don’t worry, we’ll direct you to exactly where you can find this accessory.

Deadpool belt with various packets

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5. The Deadpool Sword Backpack

Deadpool uses his sword backpack to fight almost all of his enemies. The sword backpack might well be deadpool’s favorite part of his deadpool costume. He wears it not only as a fashion statement but he also uses it to fight his enemies. How will your deadpool costume be complete without deadpool’s favorite accessory?

You NEED to buy the deadpool sword backpack for the ultimate superhero look:

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6. The Deadpool Boots

To complete the ultimate deadpool 2 costume, you will need to wear comfortable shoes. The deadpool costume is a heavy wear overall but to keep you light on your feet, you’ll need the right kind of shoes that go with the entire outfit. Deadpool merchandise is widely available but you need shoes that are comfortable for shoes.

Don’t buy shoes that are bulky. Instead, focus on buying converse that go with your entire look.

Deadpool converse shoes for the deadpool costume


You are now a complete deadpool 2 superhero. Your costume will make you look exactly like deadpool. Knowing the funny guy that deadpool is, it’ll be pretty funny when he sees you dressed up exactly like him!

If nothing, buy the deadpool leather jacket so you can look like a more casual version of your favorite superhero!

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