Smooth and Youthful: How to Eliminate Wrinkles from Leather?

Eliminate Wrinkles from Leather

Getting wrinkles out of leather is the procedure of eliminating unwanted creases that have formed on the material’s surface. This can usually be done either by applying heat discreetly or by either steam or iron at a suitable level.

The leading cause of wrinkling in leather is looseness in the grain of the leather’s interior. Another major cause is how one store's leather or how leather was used, for instance, was leather unattended, all twisted, and not appropriately hung for an extended period. If so, then it is a sure way to get creases in the jacket. Even genuine leather can get wrinkled. It also matters whether it's fine-break leather or coarse-break leather. It should be noted that better quality leathers are those which are fine-break leathers. Following are the methods to get wrinkles out of leather items.

Sometimes, Leather items, if not looked after in a suitable manner, can develop wrinkles. Its material is like skin that develops wrinkles over time. Following are the easy tips and tricks ways to get rid of those wrinkles .

Techniques of Getting Wrinkles out of Leather

Ways of getting wrinkles out of leather are more than one, but some may be more effective and safer for leather items than others.


Lay down leather flatly on top of the wrinkled surface, lay some brown paper or even a pillowcase, and spread it. Then at medium temperature, set the iron (make sure there is no steam) with either the paper or the pillowcase in between the surface of the leather to smooth it. The wrinkles should come out very swiftly.

Removing wrinkles from leather goods shouldn’t be too vexing of a task. If the wrinkles are profound, it may take a little more time, but the skill vital to remove them are more or less the same. Hence anyone who owns leather items should most definitely acquire such a skill.


One of the most effective ways to eradicate creases is to steam the leather. You can do this by closing the bathroom door and running a hot shower to make steam hang the leather jacket, and let the steam make the leather soft and release the wrinkles.

Using Alcohol

Get rid of wrinkles on leather by using diluted alcohol. Mix one part rubbing alcohol, and one part water, apply on leather; and it can be loosened and strained, and the creases can be smoothed down by hand. But this method will most certainly dry out the leather, so after it’s done, be sure to smear the leather conditioner.

Hang It For a Few Days

Hanging Leather Jackets on hangers is the best method to keep leather jackets from getting creases. This will guarantee that the jacket is not being overextended or compressed and will also aid you in case there are any problems with it fitting later on.

Use Weight

You can flatly press the leather with weighty objects if the wrinkles are predominantly persistent. Place the jacket on a plane surface, then place heavyweight books or other heavy things on top of the wrinkled parts. overnight leave the wrinkled leather object under the weight to flatten it out.

Does Real Leather Wrinkle?

Yes, genuine leather can crinkle. It depends upon which different kinds of leather it is. Such as coarse-break leather or fine-break leather, and the better quality genuine leathers will be inclined to be fine-break leather.

Avoid placing your leather in the dryer, as it will cause the leather to lose its oils and possibly cause the leather to crack. Even though it provides heat, the dry atmosphere in the dryer is not good for the leather object. Avoid using fabric softeners on leather jackets so they won’t become brittle and can become sticky. To preserve leather objects’ quality and appearance over time, use the sort of cleaner precisely designed for cleaning leather items.

What Causes Leather Wrinkles?

The grain of the leather gets loose, which can be caused by crumples. Also, where and how the leather is stored or how it is used, for instance, leaving leather items crumpled and not taking care of them, is a surefire way to get wrinkles in the jacket.

Handled carefully with low heat and small amounts of steam, you can flatten the wrinkles so that your leather looks crisp. Getting wrinkles out of leather is a somewhat tricky process, for you will have to be extra cautious, but it is essential for leather items to stay in their excellent form.