Fix Your Faded Leather Jacket With Simple Steps

Fix Your Faded Leather Jacket

Leather has been all the rage over the decades and leather jackets in specific invoke a graceful, self-confident appearance embodying a torchbearer attitude that is specific to only certain fabrics other than leather. Hence maintaining its premium quality becomes quite the task. Following are the ways in which you can restore your faded leather jackets back to their original goodness:

Leather Conditioner

It acts as a moisturizer when applied in small portions to the surface with a microfiber cloth. It evens out the color. The key is to identify the problem areas that may be subject to the most abrasion in the jacket. These areas include the pockets, length of the zipper, in between arms, body, and shoulder area if you usually carry satchels on your jacket as this area gets overused.

Leather Dye

Spray primer on as some jackets may be made of soft leather, which will protect it from absorbing excess resin, apply color after this and clear coat. Airbrush the leather dye for even distribution. This adds to the suppleness of the coat. Clear coat locks color in and protects from rain and heat. Use a Badger airbrush to transfer the enamel coat on. This method has minimal impact on the texture of leather. Conclude with polishing paper rub. Polishing paper is a low-grade sanding tool to rid it of residue that may result after color drying on it. Let it sit for 3 days to ensure quality,

Leather Paint

Repair paints are used to shade leather, restoring it back to its original form. Formulas with improved adhesion and wear resistance properties are the most sought after as they bear in mind everyday use and don't limit your usage of leather to special occasions only.

Leather Refinisher

This is a foolproof way to deep clean and polish leather restoring color. Its sole purpose is for refinishing and preserving leather and its color at home. It takes no longer than 5 minutes to dry and is good to go after working its magic. That means you don't have to fret about it rubbing off on other surfaces.

Leather Stain

Applied on a sponge brush in limited quantities go a long way to remove discoloration. You'll need a sponge brush to get the stain on the jacket and in big strokes blend it into the color to level it out. The idea is to restore its original color and not take it away from it. Arms, pockets, and zipper areas require the most attention as they get lightened over time. Followed by buffing it out to ensure the sheen is not standing out and it's all blended in.

Leather Oil

keeps the fibers of leather hydrated to maintain its original glow. This in turn increases the flexibility and durability of the product It is a true preservative and leather conditioner made with natural oils and beeswax which nourishes and has an element of breathability. It is designed to resist water and restore, protect, and preserve your investment piece.

Leather Wax

The wax treatment creates a weather-resistant glossy finish. Not only that but it gives it a distinguished matte appearance. It is mostly used for furniture, clothing, and accessories. A thin layer of wax applied to the surface creates waxed leather.

Leather Revitalizer

Also called a leather enhancer, is a black balm water-based dye-like product that brings leather back to life. Wipe it onto the leather with a sponge ensuring it seeps into all the creases. To avoid leaving residue, constantly wipe down all of it. This instantly recolors and injects life back into it. Absorption takes 30 minutes after which it needs to be buffed over with a microfiber cloth. Seal it with protection cream to stop the transfer on the skin or elsewhere. You can overlay between buffing.

Leather Re-Dyeing Service

If you need to figure out whether you can do justice to your leather restoration, leather re-dyeing services are a good option to ensure a mistake made by you doesn't end up costing an arm and a leg. These are businesses specializing in the restoration of leather goods across the board and are best suited for the glamorous world of high fashion

Leather Patch or Overlay

If a specific discoloration doesn't seem to go away with any of the tips above, you can opt for an overlay. This leather patch can be sewn onto the jacket and add a pop of color or give it a personality that will set it apart from other leather jackets.

Trust me, you're not alone in the struggle to keep your leather possessions looking top-notch. These are investment pieces that will make you look like a million bucks for decades and you want to make sure you get your money's worth by eliminating the decaying process.