How Expensive Is a Custom-Made Leather Jacket?

How Expensive Is a Custom-Made Leather Jacket?

Custom-made leather jackets are priced as low as $80 and go as high as $10k ensuring you’re getting quality and style you can best afford and keep your fashion standards high as ever.

Are Custom-Made Leather Jackets Better?

Custom-made jackets are more expensive than other jackets. They are definitely better than buying one off the rack as the design will be your own along with all the other elements that help bring it together. Buying one personalized jacket would equal the price of two regular leather jackets. It is a unique style statement. Any label that produces custom jackets is aiming to create a niche product that is unparalleled and caters to a specific type of customer.

Who Should Buy Custom-Made Leather Jackets?

Custom-made leather jackets are perfect for those who never seem to find the right fit for them in terms of size and cut. Anyone looking to make an impression in terms of personal style and grace should opt for custom-made rather than regular designs. If you’re looking for an investment piece that reflects your sense of design, one that you will hold dear to you for a lifetime, choosing custom-made is the right route.

Advantages of Buying a Custom-Made Leather Jacket?

Leather Jacket, first and foremost is comfort. A custom-made leather jacket is made of high-quality leather that will keep you comfortable throughout the day. It is made to order from the type of leather, color, lining, and pockets all the way down to hardware, so it will fit you like a glove. You will never have to worry about someone else wearing the same jacket. You will not be settling in terms of size as it is made to your measurements. Custom jackets can be dressed up or down to fit the occasion and you won't look out of place because of the timelessness of leather.

Custom-made Jacket

Correct Way to Take Measurements for a Custom-Made Leather Jacket

Stand with your arms relaxed at your side, identify the largest part of your bicep, and wrap the measuring tape around to measure.

Measure at the widest part of your chest which is typically around the nipple line. Ensure the measuring tape is parallel to the ground for both the front and back of your body. Simply breathe normally. Do not take a deep breath or hold your breath. Don't look down at the measuring type. Continue to look straight ahead.

Bring the tape under your arm and wrap it around the shoulder for the deltoids. Ensure to leave enough space to slide one finger under the measuring tape.

Stand straight up with both feet together, heels touching. Do not wrap the measuring tape too high at the top of the hips and don’t wrap it too low at the bottom of your hips either. Instead, snugly wrap the tape around the widest point of your hips.

Measure straight down from your collar seam till you reach your desired length for the jacket.

Measure straight down from the shoulder and armhole to seam for sleeves till you reach one full inch below your wrist.

Place the tape at the armhole seam and extend it across your back to the opposite shoulder joint for shoulders while standing straight.

Identify the widest area of your stomach, which is usually near the belly button. Measure completely around your body, Breathe normally, and refrain from sucking your stomach in to get the right stomach size.

Where to Buy Custom-Made Leather Jacket?

The Leather Jacket Master allows you to design custom-made leather jackets with embroidery, logo, and color of your choice. You can simply go crazy as we believe that there are no limits to creativity. For more options online, you can find great pieces at MONT5, Leather Jacket Shop, and Leather Cult.

There is nothing like having a perfectly fitted leather jacket to flaunt in public. Why settle for anything less than perfection in life? As far as a luxurious fabric like leather is concerned, you should make no compromises and opt for custom-made.