Leather Jackets are pricey clothing items because they’re not your one-season-stand, they tend to live forever and are used over and over again. Leather jackets eventually become your second skin, live on you as you live in them and they pretty much become a part of your story.


So when you’re buying a leather jacket just know that you’re actually investing in something timeless. What could be that one factor which would later on decide if you’ve made the right investment? As a leather jacket expert, i can assure you that you can live with a unique design or color but you can’t just live with a leather jacket that don’t fit you. Get a leather jacket that fits you like a glove, to make sure you do, i’ll suggest that you only buy a jacket that’s made for you right from the very beginning i.e. a custom stitched bespoke leather jacket.


At Leather Jacket Master, we make custom leather jackets that ought to fit you like they’re sewn on you. Here’s a list of some custom made men black leather jackets that we have designed and they’re totally made-to-order and made-to-measure ones.



Lightweight Black Leather Jacket Men - Alec
Let’s begin with this surreal beauty, it’s a minimalist design that’s well thought out. This custom stitched cafe racer jacket is a gem that’ll outshine all other clothing items in your wardrobe. 



Men's Black Bomber Leather Jacket with Hoodie - Afton
Afton is an all-rounder. It’s a bomber leather jacket hoodie that’s part good looks part practical use. It’ll not only keep you in the spotlight but will also keep you protected from harsh weather elements. 



Flappy Black Leather Bomber Jacket Men's - Sabir
Here’s a sleek black bomber leather jacket for men. Custom stitched, handcrafted & bespoke. This jacket would come in handy whenever you want to splash on some serious style effortlessly. 



"Arnold" Biker Terminator Leather Jacket
Sleek, Stylish and Sassy, this biker leather jacket is an inspirational piece. It’s a precise replica of the original one donned by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. 



Black Bomber Brad Pitt Leather Jacket
This is no ordinary bomber leather jacket, as it’s coming straight out of Brad Pitt’s wardrobe. The legendary actor had been spotted wearing it and so we made a precise replica for all the fans out there.



Biker Look Men's Black Leather Jacket - Grayson
Here’s Grayson - A sleek & stylish biker leather jacket that’s handcrafted with the finest quality A Grade Cowhide..



Jeremy Renner Black Bourne Legacy Leather Jacket
This one’s a mirror-image replica of what ‘Jeremy Renner’ wore in ‘Bourne Legacy’.  



The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Black Leather Christian Bale Jacket
Batman ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ 2012 Leather Jacket would leave your audience in awe. Splash it on and you’re all set for a flashy appearance in no time. 



Golden Zipper Black Leather Jacket for Men - Ryker
Ryker is a well thought out design that’s your every day go to wardrobe piece. 



Classy Black Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket - Salim
Last but definitely not the least. Here’s a classic biker leather jacket for the modern man. With a little less hardware, it looks extremely decent and voguish. 


At Leather Jacket Master you’re guaranteed to get a leather jacket that’s handcrafted and custom tailored for you. All our jackets are made-to-order and made-to-measure ones, that said, when you buy at leather jacket master you’re actually investing in timeless jackets that are solely and exclusively stitched for you as per your body measurements. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a second skin for the coming winter season.