Spring is upon us, which means Easter is also drawing near with every passing day. In just a few days children will be hunting for those colorful Easter eggs while adults make sure they exchange presents and indulge in delightful eats. The former being our main concern has lead us to announce an offer so sweet and juicy that it’s almost impossible for you to refuse it. Till 30th March, whatever you purchase at Leather Jacket Master won’t make it to your door alone, rather, there will be a $50 worth Leather Wallet with it and that’s our present for you. You can look at it from an entirely different perspective, which is saving. If you’re getting a leather wallet which is worth $50 for free that pretty much means you’re saving $50 on the jackets price.


All jackets at our store are made with the finest quality leather that has been sourced from the top tanneries. Wallet is made with the same leather that offers a perfect finish and makes up for a wallet that’s elegant in design, durable in structure and efficient in functionality.


So what are you waiting for? Avail this opportunity to get a free leather wallet simply by purchasing at Leather Jacket Master before the 30th of March. We wish you a joyous Easter ahead!