Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead Leather Vest

Summers are meant to be enjoyed ! But if you get to add in some magic from the star spark that makes a happening one. So here is the love for summer, a carefully stitched and well crafted piece. The Daryl Dixon Leather Vest from The Walking dead. The Walking Dead is a TV series based on a comic book. The vest is well known for its unique style, having angel wings stitched on the back makes it a different one to pick. Has a supreme comfort finish which can not only be felt but also the look says it all.

So you must surely put your hands on this one. Want to know some more features of the vest! here read the follows”

- 100% Genuine Leather

- All seasons favourite

- Shiny look

- Full internal lining

- V -cut neck

- Sleeveless

- Light weight

What i like best in it is that it is an All seasons favorite! Pin it up in any! No matter the summers are on peak or the winters are freezing you up! Wear it and look smashing.

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