We’ve been busy playing around with a lot of stuff lately and guess what? We’ve totally revamped our online store and the results are absolutely stunning. It now has an extremely friendly user interface, highly responsive design and features that will ensure maximum mobile & touch-screen optimization.

“Initially we wanted to make a few updates but as we moved along the process, we realized that there is room for a complete overhaul, recalled Zia-ul-Ghafoor, CEO, Leather Jacket Master.

“It wasn’t only about changing the way our webstore looked but we wanted to bring in changes that could actually enhance user experience.”

Our jacket collection has expanded over the years and will continue to. It’s impossible to show all products on one single page, so we wanted to make it easier for our customers to find a particular product in less time.

Moreover, we have updated “Visual Aesthetics” to create a smooth and easy feel. The website is now optimized for mobile and touch-screen use. Although It might only appear to be a small change but for us it has been a huge step forward, we’re excited and we’ll keep evolving as a brand towards progress and excellence.

We did it all for you so that you can have an amazing shopping experience with us. We await your precious feedback to make things even better, do write to us and let us know how you like the changes. Looking forward, Leather Jacket Master.